Reporing rascist players

Hi, hope you all are doing well.

Unfortunately my first post is written because of very discusting, rascist behavior I experience a lot lately.

Is there a way (and I hope there is) to report players who behave rascistly during a game? I´m not sensitive, the most political correct or anything, I can take flaming, thrash talk and whatever, but I don´t wanne get greeted with “nice try n***a”.

■■■■ that for real!

This is where I draw the line.

Almost every other game has a report option for cheating, bad behavior or rascist attitude. Just because it´s only an online game, people should still feel the consequences of what they say and do.

And what I mean by that is banning them.

Screenshot of my last encounter.

@RadiatingBlade edit: Removed opponent name. Please do not call out players per the forum code of conduct.

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im so sad for this…
nevermind these racists

Sorry, I know some are sensitive to certain words being used, to me it looks like it was used in a none offensive way. This is just my opinion, nothing more.

I play Halo, COD, etc… that word gets used a lot and it was used last night while I was playing Halo Reach but not in an offensive way. This person was on their mic chatting with their buddies and said "Look at this… meaning me, referring to my game tag joking around. I knew exactly what the person was referring to knowing it was a White guy chatting with an African American. So there was no need for me to be bothered by it one bit. It’s how some people talk these days and there is no getting around it and I went on playing the match as usual. The truth is, It’s just people need to learn to know when it’s being used offensively or not.

IMO I think some take things further than it needs to be some times that leads to unnecessary conversations. Take people like me that live in CA/LA and I’m white. You can’t live in an area like this and not know it’s a common word that is used in many ways and I mean many that are not offensive. The way it was presented to you doesn’t look like the person was being racist. It’s just some use words that others don’t like reading because they are not used to reading it or hearing it as often as it’s actually used these days, especially among African Americans.

There isn’t any non-racist way to use that word.