[Report] a map hacker

I know you Dev would see and do nothing, sill decide to post this hacker on the website.

His ID is "tall nut ", aoe4world shows that he came from China, and played English mainly and Japaneses thses days.
This ############## ID page
tall nut – AoE4 World
The game I engaged with and highly suspect the used map hacker
Liquid Clem’s Game – AoE4 World

I checked the game, it’s not a suspect game, he was looking at the fog area all the time and sending his scout to get the sheep, he also checked your base, but nothing is going to be done, just block the guy.


He picked 18 sheeps, and the northwest corner was fog to him, because there is no sheep;

He used Onna-Bugeisha go straight to attack the berry area on the micro map twice;

He also knows my Dervish’s location in his side, he turn his infantry to deal my Dervish immediately, if you turn into his view there is nothing but fog.

I’m pretty sure he means with “not a suspect game” that it’s well beyond suspicion. And I agree, this is 100% maphack, blatantly obvious.


thx, I might misunderstand his meaning

Nowadays I check EVERY game I play, despite I win or lose, and usually 1 out of 3 games I found a hacker.

Everytime I report but no one of them has been banned. This is a real problem and if they don’t react, for sure the game will be broken in a few months.

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He’s not suspicious. I only had to watch 2 minutes to realise that his action should be punished.

I usually watch more minutes or other games to make sure. Here it is very obvious.