Report a player who is cheating tru discord while streaming

well i just wanted to know if there is any MOD that could do something about it cause if i report it tru the game is not going to be noticiable but if i bring proof of it with links and vods then is super obvious so please reach to me

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how did they cheat through discord? Curious how that works/what was done

I guess he meant, the player was cheating, he was streaming over discord and OP saw this live and wanted to report it with the proofs and is asking how to do this.

However I don’t think why he thinks the ingame report function wouldn’t be noticeable? I mean sure, if you rub it in their face with a video clip of an exact moment of cheat, it is going to be much more obvious, but one would think they’d go through all the reports eventually anyway? I have never done a report but I guess you need to (or can) type some information there and you could tell what it is that they should be looking for.


ah that makes sense! and yeah that should definitely show up on his acc then. is there no way to find a player and report them for cheating if you havent played them? Otherwise send a mail to the devs with the video and acc name I guess

those players were dumb enough to play it on twitch with about 6 viewers so i think thats a ban on twitch too?

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also how do i even reach the devs?

I know this is not what actually happened (see all the other posts in this thread for the real story), but the idea of cheating over Discord seems pretty funny to me.

Step 1: you find out who the players you regularly encounter are.

Step 2: you become contacts with them on Discord, but don’t tell them how or why you found them.

Step 3: during a match, you open up a chat with them and go “so, slow Saturday huh? So what are you doing? Age of Empires? Oh, that’s fun. Are you like going scouts on them? No? Bows and skirms? Nice.”

Step 4: they read it about a day later, because of course they don’t answer during a multiplayer match.


Please share the vids with us too, so we know what you talk about.

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