Report Someone for Hacking

Hi, is there anywhere I can report some for hacking on Age of Mythology Online play? My opponent attacked with like a million Nemean Lions fairly early in the game, and afterwards I saw that he had blatantly cheated. He got a ton of resources without actually collecting any of them and just made a massive army.

I also have pictures of the battlefield after the game, but they’re too big for me to upload here.

I think he used the poseidons lure glitch.
If you activate the god power Lure next to enemy town center and let it take damage and then repair the lure with a villager. The game will glitch and you get unlimited recources.
They should really fix that bug.

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Yeah, that’s what it was. I had totally forgotten about that lure in the beginning.

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I just watch a video on that from old version. Hopefully they go through and clean up some of those bugs.