Reporting A Hacker

I’d like to report a hacker. His name is “PeekabooReturns”. He causes the game to desync whenever he is about to lose. When this happens, I end up losing elo, EVEN WHEN I’M WINNING! How do players do this, and how are they allowed to get away with this sort of a thing?

Who should I report this to?


There is no moderation in place for cases like this, unfortunately. There’s not much you can do besides trying to avoid playing him in the future.

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Maybe he is using a “lag switch”? i don’t really know how it works, only that it can simulate lag by blocking some packages when plugged in the ethernet cable.
Nothing much can be done about that, sadly.
I too have lost a lot of elo due to connection losses after the game was pretty much won, it was very frustant. To know cheaters can manipulate that…

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+1 for PR request…

Is this happening in the AoE2DE beta?

Lag hacking used to involve routers with pause switches. Press the switch and you can pause the commands sent… then it can cause varied responses in the game such as things being reversed and/or units teleporting. This is a hack that takes advantage of client server networking. In the AOE 2 DE notes I’ve seen so far this, and hacking, are going to be addressed by routing traffic through their secure network. This can scan packets sent back for hacks before sending them out to all the players in the game. Hackers are then banned from the service.

It’s a much needed change that I’m happy they’re putting in

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So today this guy was lag hacking me in a 1v1 match. Every time he’d get into a fight the lag would halt the game and he was basically unplugging his connection or using a pause switch and he would issue tons of commands and then the game would resume. The counter would go down to zero and then he’d suddenly have his connection issues resolved. After about 10 times into the late castle age I called him out on it. He thought he was going to siege with about 20 camels and camel archers and ran into my 30 skirms/xbowmen and 20 pikes. As he was running away the lagging started again so I suggested save and exit… anything to stop the lag hacking. He was definitely going to lose. Watching the replay, using view lock, you will see really fast blips where there are commands fired faster than hotkeys any human could possibly do. Doing 5 techs and training units all while the modem is lagging. His name was Gesan. Note to self: not playing Gesan ever again. It was just a lowly high 1600’s ranked match… totally not worth it. I’ll never understand why people hack

Definitely not, remember that the new game makes the laggy dude to have a lag and no one else…