Reporting a player - does anything happen?

Dear Mods,

What happens when a player is reported? I have the feeling nothing happens because you dont get any feedback. Also the amount of players who are smurfing, griefing, flaming and “insta-resign-because-not-my-favourite-map” indicate that reporting does not do anything - or not enough.

Thanks for clarifying.

The general consensus is that it doesn’t seem to really do anything. Nor do banning or blocking a player.

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They did sometimes ban extremely toxic players (example big scoob) or cheaters (example ertug). But yeah the most you can hope for is that if someone gets a ton of reports or is publicly called out by many that they manually review it and ban

i once played a ranked game against a guy, who had a nickname containing the word “nazi” and who was spending more time in game typing nazi things in chat than playing. After the game, i reported him. He was soon no longer in the ladder, but i dont´t know if he was banned or just forced to change his nickname.