Reporting hacking AFTER the game

Hi there,

is there a way to report a player AFTER the game has finished?

I’ve played vs a player which sees the whole map from the beginning all the time. I haven’t reported it at the end of the game because I have realized he was cheating when I saw the repetition.

Reasons why I know he is cheating:
1 - find all the sheeps (his and mine) incredibly fast and in a straightforward way
2 - he did the Persian douche strategy. That’s ok of course, but after destroying my first TC he went to the second one without knowing where it was and he even started building his third TC without seeing my second TC (from his point of view in the repetition) but at the exact location to be in range. This is only explainable if he knew beforehand where it was.

The first point might have been pure luck, but the second one is only explainable by hacking. I cannot upload the repetition because I am a new user but I have the file just in case.

As I have realized that he had hacks after the game (I even said gg OMG), is there a way to report him AFTER the game has finished?

Thank you


This is huge make a youtube video with the replay on his view.

I would realy like to see this.

Just to say this: Town Centers can be seen sometimes without being marked on the map. If you leave the area, the standard ground will reappear.
And you can spot enemy buildings by trying to place your own there. so it’s also possible to spot a tc, because its a 4x4 building.

Aswell as i don’t think anybody uses this to spot a new tc in arabia, this would be crazy.


From the forum’s Code of Conduct page, you can take it to personal messaging, or email

Here’s the quote:

Call out other players in threads. If you have an issue, take it to PMs or contact us directly at >

That’s true, I haven’t thought about that… but as you say it will be too hard to distinguish if it is a forest or my tc (he haven’t seen that area in the whole game) and moreover, I’m only 12++, I don’t think anybody close to my ELO will be that good, although it may be a smurf account…

Thanks for the suggestion anyway!! At least I can learn some tips to improve my game :wink:

Well, I’m afraid it will have no repercusion, I have no followers on yotube (twitch, etc.), but if you want to see it I can send it to you directly or make the youtube video and send you the link, as you wish.

Yes, I have read that but I was afraid that email wasn’t going to be read (or considered seriously) and I was looking to report that player directly in the game in case that could help marking him as a potential cheater automatically for future games, but thanks for the suggestion, I will send the email!

@LmbRdr9288, you can try this instead, or as well…

You can submit a request via that page:

If the report needs more information than can be provided in game, then then use the Submit a request button to contact our team. Please include your Xbox gamertag or Steam ID along with the date and time of the match and additional details about the issue.

I’m pretty sure I had seen moderators ask in the past for the email address to be used for reporting players, but the above way (i.e., submit a request) might now be the preferred way. (I don’t know that the Submit request option was available earlier in the year, which is probably why email address was used before.)

Either way, good luck! Please keep in mind what casusincorrabil said above… in case there’s a chance it wasn’t cheating. If it wasn’t (and that’s a big if, I know), you’ve now tainted a player’s reputation who didn’t deserve it

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Hi all, it seems that you can report a player at any time if you look for them in the player search (see image below). If you click on view profile, you can ban and report the player for whatever reason at any time.

Thank you all for your help


Yes but you must be certain they were cheating, it would help if you uploaded the recording to Google Drive and shared it here.
I’ve been victim of in-game bans for reasons that were beyond me, and it seems they are handed out by some bot because the only support I received was “your account was flagged by multiple users”. No investigation or information about what I did to be flagged.
If there is a way this dude may have not cheated, it would be bad to get him bot-banned.


Sorry, I’ve been told that sharing the link of a game is not allowed as it could lead to insults and attacks to the other player. In any case, I’ll send the game replay to as other people seem to agree with me after watching the replay.

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I just watched the game from his player perspective. You’re right.

The only apparent actions he takes with his scout go directly to sheep and around your starting town center. None of the usual circular search patterns. Not just a single lucky straight line. Instead, directed movement exactly towards resources.

In my opinion, this guy is a cheater and should be banned. If you think that language is too strong, download the file and judge for yourself. It isn’t even subtle.