Reporting player : "CaramelMcNasty" for harassment

So I was playing portugal in 1v1 ranked ladder. I’m not the type of guy that’s the best player in the world.

Well, CaramelMcNasty (my opponent) was russian so his strategy was to rush. My strat was to boom on water and try to come back. So I stalled the game that was supposed to be finished at 5 min. to 35 min. I always had a chance for a comeback.

He got mad and started harrassing me in chat: “Your life is so low” “Do you even have a career?” “I make 67 k a year.” “your mom should’a quit when she was banging those dudes” … it goes on and on.

So for a better and safer community I advise that the AOE 3 DE team ban this player from multiplayer games.


Much thanks and good luck. Hope the dev team will adress this issue. Harassment does not belong in a strategy game and it will only create a wild and sad community overtime if acts like this passes by.

Tip: Screenshot the harassment and make a post about it and let the dev team handle it.


Tip: If you think a screenshot of 3 chat lines with mom insults is enough for a ban, you are delusional.
No offense.

Also, I speak portuguese and I noticed in the bottom right corner there’s a watermark from a pirated windows copy. Do you know you’re posting on a Microsoft website? That made me giggle.


Still worth the report. It’s not a behaviour that should be tolerated in the community.


TBH, if this becomes a bannable offense almost all of the top AOE3 players would be get banned


It’s not pirated. IT’s original, I just didn’t pay the advanced. Windows 10 is free but you can pay and activate to unlock other windows functions…

If it was pirated it wouldn’t show the “activate windows”

Dude being salty is one thing. Getting irritated is another, now saying you’re supposed to be aborted is a serious thing to be adressed. It’s harrasment.

Except all he got is a screenshot of just 3 chat lines that prove nothing. It just proves that the other person was salty.
For all we know, the OP could have been playing like an idiot, like hiding his vills when the game was clearly over. I have faced that situation before. We don’t know what went down.

Exposing people without providing sufficient proof is just as bad (or worse) than insulting someone else’s mom.

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lol, is not pirated , its not bought only, and people dont buy officia llicenses because if you change a component of pc you have to buy another window license
he probably has a trial version

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and only the judges of comunity has right to decide that

Not true at all. If you buy a retail version of Windows, it will be linked to your Microsoft account.
But anyways, not the main subject of this topic. Moving on…

Stop the offtopic. noone cares about your ■■■■ windows activation.

If you cant control your disposition playing a video game, maybe you should not be playing a video game and get some professional help.

Ban or not its worth the report. If the other player feels like he was harassed, he should report it to.
The OP was insulted, he reported it. If the top players behave like this, it does not make it ok, and it should be looked into it, because it’s a terrible example for the community, and trying to justify this behaviour with it just proves why.

If one of them had villagers hiding on the moon, and the game didnt end, it’s a game mechanic fault, still played within the rules permitted by it.
It happened to me before aswell, not an excuse to be rude.


Tip: That is a direct violation of the forum’s Code of Conduct. Calling out other players publicly like this is not allowed.

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I had water economy, kept rebuilding market and town centers had more than 30 villagers even thouugh was under pressure. I could comeback the whole time… I ended up losing but the behavior should not be tolerated. And people are trying to say that the one harassed is wrong, like what?

Lol dude, If u ban people from being salty and injuring there won’t be much players last on any rts game haha

And according to that 3 lines, what you said and the fact you don’t show the whole screen, yeah it looks like you were hiding vills or something to make him rage and leave…

Of course people should neve rage or injure, but toxic way of playing generate frustration, if you did it on purpose you are guilty too.

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One thing that could be done is revoking the chatting privileges for a while, banning seems to extreme TBH.

Report thru ingame functions, Microsoft most likely saves chat lines. You should NOT call out other players like this, for all we know this can be you playing with Photoshop and you are the agressor.

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Is there no other way to report harrasment than posting on the forums?

Such trash talk as seen in your picture happens all the time. I can see the possibility of this forum being flooded by similar reports. That kind of behavior shouldn’t be overlooked though.