Reproducible CTD in campaign mission Dover


I’m experiencing a reproducible crash to desktop at the end of the campaign mission Dover, which I am not able to continue beyond.

At the very end of the mission, after finishing the last objective “Hold of the french”, the screen is fading to black and I am expecting the outro video like I can see here on a youtube playthrough: Age of Empires 4 - 8. THE SIEGE OF DOVER | The Normans - YouTube

Instead the game closes completely unexpectedly and I am returned to my desktop.

The Problem is reproducible for me though loading a save and even though completely restarting the mission.

I’m not able to continue any further through the campaign.

I’m playing on W10 21H2 with the latest WinUpdates and Nvidia GPU drivers available. The game files are verified through steam.

I’ve uploaded a zipfile with my age 4 profilefolder, including saves, logs and my dxdiag.txt

The last save named “end” is just seconds from finishing the mission and the CTD.

Please let me know if I can provide any further useful information.

Thanks for looking into the issue,

best regards


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Sorry you’re having this issue @Lunex2kx! The team will look into it.

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Yeah, I’m having exactly the same issue. Once I have defeated the final wave the game fades out and then closes completely.

@pete6000 could you please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file? It’ll help us to figure out why you might be seeing this problem.

Hi SavageEmpire,

do you have any update or feedback?

No helpful update—these things take time. Internal QA is attempting to repro.

@pete6000 please contact support with your warnings.log file.

Yes, I have the same crash. I’ve just contacted the support with my saved game and the warnings.log file. However, the error, just says application crashed.

Same thing here, when the mission ends I can hear first 1-2 seconds of cutscene (without video) that should follow and game crashes. I can’t upload files so linking warnings.log and dxdiag.

EDIT: huh, interesting, I’ve installed some pending Windows update (KB5016688 to be specific) and it works now, cutscene started fine. Obviously, I’ve also restarted my PC but I’ve done that between today and yesterday without effect so maybe that’s just a coincidence or maybe not.

I’ll check it later and see if something has changed

No luck, it still broken :cry:

i also had this problem, it’s very frustrating to have to complete the mission twice and both times the game crashed

Please continue to contact support with your warnings.log file if you see this. The more data we can get, the better.

Exactly the same issue after beating the Dover campaign mission. Crash to desktop at the very end.

So, it has been nearly a month, and it seems I am not the only one.
Any news?

There’s been no repro on newer builds, which should be a good sign. Please update Support with a new warnings.log if this is still occurring after the Season 3 update. But hopefully it won’t :slight_smile:!