Request: Add checkbox to use custom data mods by default

When playing custom campaigns or scenarios, currently the player / host has to manually select the data mod to use every time. This is generally fine for players experienced with the mod, but it’s easy to forget since we can’t put any preview text / instructions in game lobbies for our mods. It’s also very easy for new players to not realize they need to use the data mods at all, and sometimes they end up concluding ‘this mod sucks’ and don’t play it again, when they just simply didn’t realize that they needed to manually set the data mod in the lobby.

To help alleviate this, I’m requesting the devs add a simple checkbox under Game settings for ‘use custom data files included with mods by default’. This would just simply automatically select the appropriate data mod in the dropdown list when hosting the game. Players wouldn’t have to remember to do it, and they could still manually override to a different data mod if they needed to for some reason.

I think this would go a long way to improving the quality of life for players of custom scenarios and campaigns.

Edit: If you add this checkbox, please make it on by default.

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