Request: Advanced Gene Editor unit abbreviations renaming

Advanced Gene Editor unit abreviations renaming.

Could the devs please make the unit abbreviations in AGE more reflective of the actual in game name? Please.

It is such a time consuming frustration to try and find units to edit when the abbreviations are inexplicably different to the unit. For instance

Champion = HeroI (Please make it something like: champ)

Paladin = Heroc (Please make it something like: pal)

Elite skirm = HXBOW (Please make it something like: Eskirm)

Man at arms = SWDMN (Please make it something like: MAA)

Long Sword man = THSWD (Please make it something like:Lsword)

Norse warrior = THSWD as well!! (Please make it something like: Norse W)

Two handed Swordman = HTHSW (Please make it something like:2Hsword)

Millitia = SPRMN!!! (Please make it something like:Militia)

Spearman = PKEMN!!! (Please make it something like:Spearm)

Pikeman = ISPKM (Please make it something like:Pikem)

Arbelester = Aoar (Please make it something like:ARB)

Crossbowmen = Carch!! (Please make it something like:XBOW)

Cavalry archer = ??? I don’t have a clue but it isn’t Carch for some reason.

Please for us modders, I beseech you, please rename the unit abbreviations to more logical ones.

This is how ot was in the original game too.Its part of aoe history.

And your point is…?

I don’t recall it being that dimwitted the first 4 times i worked on my mod. Regardless, this is somethig that they can alter that will be highly appreciated.