Request: Age of Empires 2005 BETA

Hello there guys,
I´m in the need of help. I´m trying to find any aoe3 2005 ( Vanilla game ) Beta.
There are several things i´d like to restore and bring back into the normal game.
Sadly some of the beta contend has been completly removed and others not, so if you find something interesting, please let me know !



I also want to return something. I’m interesting the E3 2005 and the Warchiefs betas. If developers consider it unacceptable to share beta versions for publicly available. Then just search on google for AoE2 beta versions, they are available to everyone! The popular AoE2 betas has already been verified, no big deal if AoE3 betas will be shared to public available! Why can’t???
I want to return a beautiful Starfort, Wood walls and Outpost


This might actually be found in the demo version. That contains beta stuff… Sadly not everything :c

After a whole lot of searching, and some insane friendly guy, i got a press preview of the game !
Contains a lot of unused stuff that never appeared in the actuall game :smiley:


Oh God, I’ve been looking for an alpha or beta build with cut content for a long time, do you know where to get it?


Are you on the discord server ?
Message me there, and i´lls end you a link

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Hey! Yeah, there I am, I write you now! :slight_smile:

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can you tell us what is there?

Sadly windows 11 is not able to boot it.
So i cant really show screenshots anymore :frowning:

How about a virtual machine?

Interesting idea,
Sadly for that youd need a 2nd graphics card, sicne nvidia blocks you from using it in the VM

Have a french villager tho.


I have 10, would it work there? Also, virtual machine could work too.

Thanks! Kinda weird that they are villagers but have unique clothes, does the rest have the “normal” attire?

@EntombedCurve02 You can do it, if you find me :smiley:

This iteration is curious also


I didn’t know that. Maybe Dual boot linux and run it with Linux?

That’s pretty devilish and childlish :wink:

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Its not that hard, Right now i´m in the helper list :slight_smile:

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y como es la version beta del año 2005? :0

Full of bugs xD
Also it’s just a press preview :frowning: so still a late beta

Vaya que mal, pero por lo visto tenían muchas ideas interesantes lástima que las descartaron