Request: Age of Empires 2005 BETA

Hello there guys,
I´m in the need of help. I´m trying to find any aoe3 2005 ( Vanilla game ) Beta.
There are several things i´d like to restore and bring back into the normal game.
Sadly some of the beta contend has been completly removed and others not, so if you find something interesting, please let me know !



I also want to return something. I’m interesting the E3 2005 and the Warchiefs betas. If developers consider it unacceptable to share beta versions for publicly available. Then just search on google for AoE2 beta versions, they are available to everyone! The popular AoE2 betas has already been verified, no big deal if AoE3 betas will be shared to public available! Why can’t???
I want to return a beautiful Starfort, Wood walls and Outpost


This might actually be found in the demo version. That contains beta stuff… Sadly not everything :c