Request: Allow a drop down menu to show names of spectators for those in-game

Allowing such a feature may help to keep track of those that regularly use another account to watch an opponent, or it could just be a cool feature in general to know who’s watching. when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back and so on.
And allow the record game to record who was watching within the game’s time-frame.


Not a bad idea honestly. Might also be helpful for catching people exploiting it by working as a team.


Yes but what are developer going to do if we really catch someone who did it.
Or they can just change name in every game like what some asian player did

Probably nothing. Maybe make it that players can ban people from spectating them live?

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it would make it more effort to cheat like this

I also think that this is a good idea, this looks like a low-hanging fruit to implement without and kind of disadvantage


I am not sure. Becauase change name in steam only takes 3 single click.

They can say they are just friend who spec for their friend and in all nomad game. I think increasing nomad type map spec time delay to 30 min is the only way to deal with it

it’s still a hassle, but you are right, it doesn’t change much

A bit off-topic. I asked them why they change their name in every single game, they got angry and changed their name to my name. Recently they change to the name that is referring my name which is a bit funny



In a way I’m sort of against it, because for no reason I don’t really want people to know that I’m spectating them. Also, if people are in a team, and they genuinely are spectating their friends, you could make a false assumption about spec cheating. In addition, like HeBro showed, it’s very easy to change your nick (though you can likely see the aliases after if you wanted to check) so you wouldn’t know it’s a teammate.

However at the same time, when I see spectators in my game I also wonder ‘ooh I wonder who that is’ etcetera. While I’m not sure if this would solve the problems for Nomad games, I don’t see much harm in it either. Perhaps if you have a person banned / muted in-game, it’ll also prevent them from spectating? Then again, it is very cathartic to watch an earlier toxic player lose hard, too…