[Request] Allow for merging UI and data mods

While I was adaptating a Voobly AoC mod to AoE2:DE I noticed data and UI (images, text, etc) mods need to be separated. This is troublesome as having to make the user download a separate mod and restart the game to make the main data mod readable makes it a lot harder to cultivate a playerbase for it. Could this be suggested to the game devs? Thanks in advance!


yep, suggested a few times, all we can do is to wait and hope.

not only that, other improvement also suggested such as only upload/update or download the difference in mod.

this is a conflicting problem. right now the microsoft server is so slow, it gives a measly average download speed of 200-500KB/sec max and since it forces download entire thing even if only 1 thing is updated, combining UI and data mod will be a pain for online multiplayers.

I just wish they would fix:

  1. download speed of mod server
  2. allow update/upload or download the difference in files
  3. combine UI & data mod