Request: "Back to Work" button for villagers, fishing and trade boats/ships

It would be really useful to have a button to send villagers, fishing and merchant boats/ships back to work, so it’s faster for them to resume what they were doing before, let’s say, when they were attacked or when players accidentally left some of them idle.

I think this is a feature in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition. Could make its own way here, I guess. Besides, I saw a line within the strings.txt file, particularly saying “Go Back to Work”, which is interesting.


If you’re referring to the fact that whenever you press the Alarm Bell from the Town Center and redeploy your villagers they don’t automatically go back to their previous jobs. And this indeed is very frustrating.

Lets say you put 20-30 villagers in the TC you’d have to manually assign them back to their jobs after a raid, which is just too time consuming.


Yes, that exactly. So we don’t have to reassign idle villagers back to work manually one by one. I think of a button present in every villager that is idle, that would also be present while selecting a multitude of them. Back to work command would work as a “continue what you were doing” after running away from attackers. It could also work toggled, so they can automatically resume what they were doing after a couple of seconds (unless they are attacked once again, of course).


It’s a feature I’d like a lot implemented. Would be nice!


I fully agree, I think they should just copy the system from AOE2 and import that in AOE3, works perfect if they do.


With update 46777 denoting a new interest for Age of Empires 1: Definitive Edition, I hope we get closer and closer to getting this feature in future patches.

Always wanting my favourite RTS game to be treated well! :slightly_smiling_face: