Request: Blind Matches - Option to randomise

I would love to see blind matches happen .
for example preferences when creating a match (with friends or random joiners) to hide map type and civilization choices from everyone until the map is loading…
( so you dont hog the best civ for the type of map or the perfect counter civ to others you see before the match begins) this means not knowing the civ you play against until you discover them on the map with a scout.
(think civ 6 on how other races or civs exist but you dont knwo who you are next to untill you revel thier buildings)

also the ability to create a game were the options are forced randomly as well as civs… so no one has to pick anything jsut join and press ready . and go .

toomuch people join a game see map type and complain about it and then leave or say nothing and leave because they hate playing on black forest. for example
or because they refust to play someone who is mongols becasue tehy are op
or quitting as soon as you get cheezed because they can build stone walls before you can build anything

also in multiplayer matches when a person drops connection to have teh remaining team vote on what to do about it choices like accep surrender / replace with AI ( to keep teams balanced) where teh ai difficulty is chosen by the players score that they are replaceing… or eliminate ( destroy all buildings and villagers and units as if they were never there) or leave them in place to be wololo’d (assuming not chose to played by ai)

this jsut removes prefixing the game …

certain options like this shoudl be in tournaments … or be able to host your own tournament and event or even put up prizes (bitcoin ?)

just thoughts but basically just want to start a game chose random map and hidden random player types .
or even random teams.

discord bot to sort out localised voice chat ?based on whos playing with you . if they linked a discord account. to allow a voice chat confrence if you type ‘/go voice?’ in chat and th e others /agree

but definitly random blind player races and map types. (size is ok to seeat all times but why not rnadomize that too …

when you start a match on a civ it should show you the achieves that youc an do in the game… like goals. .on a hud you can enable or disable