[REQUEST] Bombard classic sound

Hi guys,

I love the updated sounds that were introduced in DE, all, including the music.

The sole excepion is the (imho) lame and quiet new sound of bombard cannons/towers and cannon galleons.

In AoK/AoC/HD it was kinda scary to be attacked by a mass of cannons firing ■■■■ upon your town, with that loud, amazing sound. Now the effect just isn’t the same.

Are you aware of any mod that replaces the new sound with the old one? I currently have the ‘Classic sound effects’ mod, which replaces ALL the sounds with the old ones. I don’t want that, just the good’ol classic bombard scary ‘BOOM’ :slight_smile:

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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You can go into the mod folder and delete all the sounds except the bombard cannon sound. If you don’t know which sound is the right one, search for a tool to extract the wwise sound files.

Lolz finally I see someone missed the classic ol’ cannons firing sound like I do!

Hahaha couldn’t agree more the new cannons sound are too discreet, won’t notice if being attacked by enemies.

Looking forward to your cannon sound mod if you can make it! Cheers!