Request: Byzantines civ. bonuses terminology alignment

With the introduction of the later expansions, there is an apparent specific terminology regarding the units that are beneficiaries of a bonus. I refer to the “Spearman-line”, “Militia-line”, “Mangonel-line”, “Archer-line”, “Tower-line” mentions, in the texts of bonuses of various newer civilizations.

REQUEST: Revise the admittedly problematic “Camel Riders, Skirmishers, Pikemen, Halberdiers cost -25%” (image)…

…to something more clear (and shorter), like this:

  • Camel Rider, Skirmisher, Spearman-lines cost -25%


And, if deemed appropriate, the “Fire ships attack 25% faster” to something like:

  • Fire Galley-line attacks 25% faster

Seconded. This is an easy fix and will be easier to quickly grasp.


I think the wording on some of these bonuses hasn’t been changed since 1999. Wouldn’t hurt to do some cleanup here indeed, noted.


‘-line’ is pointless, it is logical that if your spearmen are cheaper your pikes and halbs will retain the buff as it is just how it works in literally every other case with upgrades, buffs etc. .Just write spearmen and fire galleys instead.

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