[Request] Detailed resource gathering on the UI

I would like a option that could enable a more detailed display of what’s been gathering resources for the player.

As you hover the mouse above the resource icon, a tooltip drops specifying each source of income for given resource, as well as how many of each there is.

For example, you hover the cursor over the food icon and a tooltip drops showing, in alphabetical order:

  • Farmers: 2

  • Hunters: 2

  • Shepherds: 6

And the likes for every other resource as well (except maybe for Keshiks, as their income is fairly inconsistent).


Seeing resource gatherer distribution for each resource type would be informative :slightly_smiling_face:

I would prefer if resource gatherer types would be sorted by gatherer counts, not alphabetically. This way currently most important gatherer types (having most gatherers) would be at the top of list.

For example (for food):

  • Shepherds 6
  • Hunters 4
  • Foragers 3
  • Farmers 2

Hmm, that would work just as fine, I guess.

I think I’d rather having it in alphabetical order because logically makes more sense to me. But I would have no problem using the way you suggested.