Request: Event Mods Off By Default

Every time there is an event, there is some “challenge” that I unlock incidentally while playing or testing some part of the game. Completing the challenge unlocks a mod that I do not want to use, particularly when recording videos and trying to keep everything consistent from one take to another. These mods require me to navigate to the Mods menu and uncheck the mods one at time. One reason I never log into my Xbox Live profile in game is because I do not want these mods to be saved permanently and clutter up the mod menu.

I’d really like an option to turn event mods “off by default” so I don’t have to uncheck all of them individually for every event.


I changed the mods folder’s rights so now Im the only one with access. This mod management we have right now it’s pretty lame. If I just wanna try a mod and I don’t like it in the end, once removed why does it have to be downloaded every game launch? Maybe I’m missing something but looks dumb

The sound change of military units spawning scared the sh!t out of me the first time I heard it…

…Considering the GUI bugs, i guess it’s too hard for the devs to program that…

Hands on, just disable it by default.
edit: Also give a notification that the user mods are disabled after each patch.

How do you do this? I see SYSTEM, me and Administrators in listed in the Security tab. You disallow permissions for SYSTEM and Administrators?

But then I guess you couldn’t get updates for other subscribed mods either?

I also started to do so from this event on, despite that I really want the icon of John the Fearless.

This drives me nuts. And the bug report obviously is covered in dust.

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I do not recommend it, only did because felt game was joking on me so I joked on him. It is no real solution, will break any updates or mod instalations as long as you keep it that way. Changed the ownership to my user then changed the rights (only my user was left). To restore move/erase the folder and let the game recreate it on launch.

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