Request for fixing pre-TC villager-fighting on Nomad

I think if you increase LOS you’re more likely to buff the agrressor. One of the main problems with being aggressive is the luck in finding your opponents vills and TC.

There is an easy fix for this. Make every Nomad style game have a 5 minute treaty length at the begining of every game by default. Noone will be able to attack anyone then.

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The more pressing issue is that you hardly have any time to react if your opponent does find you, and especially since a TC foundation provides no line of vision, they can already see you before you see them sometimes.

Increasing the range of vision means a player fending off villfights has an extra couple tiles to work with to make a decision. The range of vision on the attacker doesn’t mean nearly as much, they have to close the distance, not the defender. Every tile of leeway is a defensive boon. You’ve got it backwards.

While I agree having more time to react is good for the defender. I still think making this change will create more clashes in the first place and that they OP is talking about mid-low elos where quick walling will be less prevalent.

However I think you stumbled on a better idea only buffing defence and that is giving the TC foundation some extra vision, maybe even just 1 tile.

Doesn’t buff the attacker, doesn’t turn everyone into Koreans. Does help with defence.

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Allowing your opponents to build their TC next to yours without any risk. :sweat_smile:.

Personally, I am quite content with the current state of things. One has to just accept the fact that a certain fraction of nomad games will be over in 30 seconds with the winner being decided solely by map generation.

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30second treaty would work, then you can easily setup your tc, chasing your vills be bad due to being idle for that long and you cant get TC up in 30sec anyways.

You get a timeout if you lose in 30 seconds though!

Unfortunately, under those conditions vil fights turn into walling in woodlines and resources. You can’t stop them because you can’t hurt them.

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Yea you are right, as with lots of things in AOE2 fixing one thing creates another problem. I think in this case the medicine is worse than the disease.

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Just wanted to say thank you devs for trying to fix this! Hope the solution works out nicely :slight_smile: