Request for summary screen improvement


It would be super nice to have a chart called MILITARY UNITS KILLED with information how many units (population) a player killed in a game. Currently we can see MILITARY UNIT POPULATION but in team games it doesn’t inform us how efficient a player is in killing units.
I see a drop in enemy military units but I don’t know who killed them - me or my teammate.

Other idea could be to present this information in a form of chart called MILITARY UNITS KILLED/LOST BALANCE where we would see difference between lost and killed units:


Thanks :slight_smile:


I dont know if this graph would provide us with more information :confused: (100strelts vs. 100heavy canons killed)

Maybe a graph with kill exp (only showing military units, not including buildings or villagers?) would serve it better

But i think your idea with the presentation of the information is really cool!


U mean this one ? [QoL] Post game - Units killed graph

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Yeah, I mean exactly the same thing as you :smile: Sorry, I didn’t see your topic earlier.

Sure, graph should contain info about military population not military count to be more valuable.

Kill XP chart sounds great too because it would contain info about killed native units (they are 0 pop so in normal population graph they are invisible). The downside is for some civs this graph could be fake (Aztec with War Chief bonus aura or Japanese with Torii Gates wonder). But anyway this is a great idea too!