Request from Steam: Bring back full map screenshots


Someone is asking to get back the Full Map screenshots. Is there an official page where all these requests are listed & priorized (or discarded)?




The devs kind of post nothing about suggestions. So no, there is no official page with all requested.

I like this idea. I hope they will put this again into the game.

No, but i guess some day will do it, the main reason they are not adding this now, is because it will take too much time and effort to do it, while there are other priorities.

Once most of the features that we use to had on Userpatch 1.5, and most of the critical fixes/changes are done, im sure they will go for it.

The new walling algorithm was designed and posted here by a modder, and 1 year later devs added that to the game, maybe in a couple of months they will adress this.

This might be part of Capture Age. At some point they announce a partnership, but then is havent heard much about CA.