REQUEST - Give us a "select random map" opt-in for Ranked

In the past many people complained about how they would like to go “random civ” but would not dare to because they feared the other player would pick their best civ and have an advantage.
-> the Devs addressed this by giving the players the option to go random civ, if both pick this option they will go random.

Now many people say they would like to play on a random map but if you don’t choose one you will play on the one your opponent selected as favourite.

Please just give us a “select random map” option just like the “select random civ” option.
When both parties want to go random they now could without sacrificing the map bans/favourite against opponents who want to choose the map.


Yes! This would be amazing

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If there was a 50% chance that the algorithm chooses a random (non-banned) map if one of the players in a 1v1 doesn’t have a favourite map, would that carry the same benefit?

Yes, that would also be a good solution :slight_smile:

I dont think this needs to be part of an option. I would suggest a slightly different approach.

I would change the weights in the map picker. Currently we have the following rules:

  1. If both player select the same map as favorite, then you play that map.
  2. If both player select a different map (that isnt banned by one of the players), then the system picks one of those maps by 50-50.
  3. If one player has a favorite map, but the other hasnt (or that map is banned), then you play the map of the first player.
  4. If no player has a favorite map, then you play one of the maps (without ban) as random.

I would change this a little bit.

  1. No change for this scenario.
  2. No change for this scenario as well.
  3. I would say that player A will add 50% change of getting his map. Player B give every map the same probability to be picked. This means So if there are 3 maps available, he will add 16.67% as pick rate for every map. So in the end you still get the most probability of getting the favorite map of player A (66.67%), but also the other two maps still have some probability (both 16.67%).
  4. Here there will be no change.

This can also be generalized to Teamgames as well.