[Request] Going Above and Beyond

I’ve been loving playing AOE II and AOE III and was so excited finding out there was a definitive edition. I most loved playing the multiplying tech mods, since it causes so much silliness and fun. The stability of the mods are not very good and a couple days ago, I found out there was a cheat code in the game that was built in…

But I can’t access it because it was a timed event! From my digging, there were talks about at least running the event again at some point to allow more people to get it, but a year has passed and still there is no sign that that would happen. All I see are more time exclusive cheat codes. Why are there more exclusive items that modify the game? Sure, they’re optional, but technically so is multiplayer. So is a single player. Anything is optional if you don’t use it. Because the mods are as unstable as they are, this is essentially a section of the game I just can’t ever access, it seems.

So I have to ask… Who can I beg to get this? Is there an address I can write a letter to or an email I can send? Can I throw money at the problem somehow? Assumedly, writing here does nothing, but I have to at least try. I’m currently feeling forced to play the older version, since it is more stable, even though I want to play the more fun definitive edition.

Maybe with enough activity, they’ll run the event again or just give access in a patch. Timed events for cosmetics I love. Give me an exclusive profile picture and I’d adore it. Just not exclusive game modes…


I honestly dont know… I really do hope they run the event again.

Yes it is not good when anything beyond aesthetics is given on timed events. I do believe they are repeating some of the timed event rewards. For example right now you can get cannoneers and muskets from aoe3.

Still doesn’t fix the problem if you miss it 2nd time round though

There should still be *256 tech mods laying around in the workshop, those do the same thing as the cheatcode.

I’ve tried quite a few and not a single one has any stability. The best I found were a few 9X tech mods. I did forget to include that in the original post. Thank you for reminding me.

Mods don’t work as well as something that is designed by the original developers. They don’t have access to the full source code, the internal testing, and if nothing else they don’t have the same tools that the developers get. And while I understand that a mod of this could exist that is as stable, it’s one patch away from instability. Especially in a game that gets frequent enough updates like this, it’s really important to have official support.

That being said, even assuming a mod did exist that was stable enough for play, it doesn’t change the fact that there is an official, built in version in the game by default. It’s simply locked away for no real reason. If they didn’t have an official version, I wouldn’t be able to (and frankly shouldn’t/wouldn’t want to) have this complaint.
There is a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed more than the individual problem. Don’t get me wrong, if they ran the event again, I would not complain at all because I’d get what I wanted. Having a timed exclusive that is anything but cosmetic is dangerous at best, ethical bankrupt at worst, and scummy most of the time. Simply, there is a part of a game I have purchased that I am not allowed to play because the developers don’t allow me to. They have made the conscious decision to prevent me from playing a section of the game I own.
Imagine if Age of Empires 4 had a skirmish mode available only if you preordered the game. You can’t buy the preorder bonus after, it’s just a matter of you preordered it or didn’t. It didn’t cost any extra money, but you had to preorder. There’s a vague suggestion that there’ll be a chance to get it somewhere in the future, but after a year, nothing has come from it.
That is functionally identical to what has happened here. That, honestly, is what I have a problem with at its core. That there is something I deem a big part of the game (I have no real interest in playing the vanilla game) that I just can’t use because I didn’t buy the game early enough. And it’s not like I missed a timed event that went away after the event expired. It is essentially a DLC that could only be downloaded during a select time.

I just… I just don’t get it and it honestly makes me more sad than upset at this point. I saw the Spirit of the Law video that showcased this and I was so excited to give it a try and I might not ever get the chance to. I’ve tried so many different mods and I have yet to be able to finish a game because so many things crash it. I went through 6 different 256X mods just trying to get one that lets me launch the game and another 3 that crashed during the games. I know in the grand scheme of things, this is honestly not a big deal. But I also know in the grand scheme of things, No Man’s Sky honestly turned out amazing. Doesn’t mean the beginning was ok.

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I have a feeling they might bring it back next month

In this month’s event they already brought back the muskeeter thing and some other similar one can’t remember

In general i have no idea why certain stuff is behind the event walls. If you cant play at some point, then you cant get this stuff… As result you are stuck without these things.

I am a big fan of releasing this stuff after for example 6 months after the event, so everyone can enjoy this kind of stuff.

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I am praying this comes with aniversery but not expecting it =(

It’s already implemented though. So yesh.

It’s already in game