Request : Half map option for treaty mode


Long time Age player…

It is a bit frustrating that treaty build is limited by town center placement.

Can we have specific maps, or even have players somehow select maps to have a line placed down the middle of where people can build… (For instance ;
Andes - Upper - on the trade route,
Bohemia - On the water lines

This type of “rule” would apply to a niche category of players, while it would be utilized by others.



Would your suggestion mean either team could get those middle trade routes? Or there be some for each? Or no one gets them?

Honestly, new customization options for treaty mode seem very doable. It boils down to the radius of a safe zone emitting from a starting TC.

I’d love no drop-down many with few options:

  • 1.5x
  • 2.0x
  • 2.5x (greyed out unless big map mode is enabled I guess?)
  • 3.0x (as above)

Even 1.5x would enable taking control of some ‘sockets’ on a lot of maps. As for now, a relatively small percentage of RMs is constructed in a way that guarantees a spawn of trading route or native village close to player spawn point.

Good idea +11
Should take a lot of programming effort :slight_smile:

Trade routes on what map? Andes?

I would say custom options to give more map control would be ideal, where like 40/40 but 20% of map in middle is unbuildable, etc

I agree with this, take the current radius around town centers and multiply it would be doable, and not very coding intensive. Though I am mostly code illiterate.

But I think this is doable, to have the radius of the tc increased. I do not think it would take MUCH effort, and the community feedback to such a change would be imense.

So far the radius is a fixed amount, and not changeable by any tech or command. It’s a different file, so devs would need to do alot of changes to the game code for that to be possible

I would agree if they give more radius to build BUUUUT not more exclusive zone (enemy can build there) if HM is not a thing

In all honesty, I had talks with them back when 3DE was released.
There were a few ideas how this could have worked out.
Like , having a simple invisible wall running through the map, sounds simple and easy…
BUT coding that in XS sounds absolutely horror and something that can easily bug out ^^

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But this has been a request for some time.

So, why not do it?..

Like aaidy it will be horrible to code, take alot of time.
And we all know the famous sentence " Time = Money "
Not enough money = no one will do it.

So you’re saying they’re all lazy?


I would never call them lazy, what they have done so far is amazing !

You wouldn’t do your job without getting paid right ? So no one else will

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