[Request] Let the community vote on one map for the next map rotation

It is hard to create a Mappool that suits everyone. Some want more variety, some just want to play arabia all the time.
However, giving the community the opportunity to pick one of the next map would create hype and nurture a healthy discussion about the ranked mappool.

My proposal to the Devs:

  • look at the mappool of the last 3 major tournaments
  • choose 3 (or 4, or 5) popular and polished maps
  • let the community vote on those maps and include the one with the most votes in the next map rotation

I see many players complain about the map pool. I did make a thread to put suggestions:

This thread is not really popular. There are not many suggestions. This is something i dont really understand. At one side they do complain, on the other side they dont really have suggestions.

It seems like most players that really complain are players that just one to play one map (in most cases Arabia) only. Even a poll for the rotation wont really fix this problem.

On of the things i already mentioned in that thread is to have a look at ongoing tournaments. The ability to play at the same maps as the pros do in the big tournaments adds to the immersive of the tournaments. It would be great if they add such maps to the poll.

I also do thing that the current map pool is not the same as most players want. Pick rates of every map are pretty clear. A map like MegaRandom is for many players an instant ban. It is still in the map pool and i dont really know why. This map is not really popular, but stays into the game.

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I agree, I’m baffled how everyone seems to criticize the mappool but no one cares to come up with a “realistic” and unbiased solution…

Most people ban Mega Random because they do not like the randomness factor. However, there is a small portion of the player base who likes it because of that. The experience of exploring a map (and they usually go random Civ) and come up with strategies during the game instead of using a build order is appealing to them.
I believe this is the reason why Mega Random does not rotate out.