[Request] Lobby ID for ranked team games

A way to join a team in ranked team game lobby independent of in-game or steam invites would be very useful. Maybe a similar lobby code URI used for non-ranked lobbies could be used? That would be fantastic.

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I am not really sure what you meant. Can you explain your idea more clearly to me?

Sorry, my previous answer was on a different but related topic. I got confused.

So right now, you can join a specific unranked lobby by finding in game, by being invited in game or steam, or use the game ID (aoe2de://0/1235) as a URL in your browser. This third option is also used by aoe2.net and other websites, I think it’s also used by steam invites.

It would be nice to have a similar URI code generated for ranked team games, so your partners could join using a lobby ID, not just in game or steam invites. I would guess this type of URI is already used in the background, but it’s just not made visible to us.