[REQUEST] Make more granularity in zoom clicks

I would like there to be more zoom-level clicks available when zooming in and out. This is because I want my zoom to be somewhere between the farthest out zoom and one mousewheel roll click closer.

Farthest out is slightly too far for me, and one click closer is slightly too close. An in-between state would be perfect.

I think it’d be fine to double the amount of zoom levels available so those in-between states could be accessed. So, if there are 10 clicks currently possible, then make 20 clicks. The amount of zoom per click is too much, imo; should be more granular.

I’m not saying to allow the cam to zoom in farther or zoom out farther. I’m asking for the in-between levels to be accessible.

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Have you tried this?

Mouse settings on the windows control panel

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I have not, but I will give that a try. Thanks! I thought about it, but didn’t think it would be tied to that. Will report back on my findings

Nope, that didn’t do anything. Mine was on 2 or 3, so I made it 1… but it performs exactly the same in AoE2:DE regarding the zoom

In Win10, the Mouse Settings screen looks like this for me:


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