REQUEST: Minor changes/updates added

Hello fellow Empire-builders!

Just made a list, as of February 2021, of some minor changes I would like to see in AoE2: DE

  1. Increase the gold bonus from Vietnamese unique tech "Paper Money"
    —> I like this tech, despite a lot of other players saying that it is crap. But in lieu of the Sicilians having a unique tech that pays out 15 gold per allied military unit, that is a lot more than the meager 500 gold that Paper Money provides. I humble ask that Paper Money be increase to, say, 700 gold or 800 gold, so that it is a bit more useful as a tech. (to balance, you can increase the food and wood cost a bit more)

  2. Improve the accuracy and/or the attack of Hand Cannoneers a bit more
    —> The buffs to Hand Cannoneers in the Lords of the West DLC update is much appreciated, but from my recent experience trying out the new Hand Cannoneers, I feel that they might need another slight nudge in accuracy and/or atk. (Janissaries and Conquistadores are fine where they are at)

  3. Return the Tartar’s bonus of having 2 sheep appear in Feudal Age TC
    —> I strongly feel that the recent change to Tartars, only allowing the extra sheep to appear in Castle Age TCs onward, undermines what really made this civ bonus worthwhile in the first place: early eco boosting. I think that the extra 2 sheep in Feudal Age was not at all that empowering for Tartars, but that it rather made them a really good civ rather than the mediocre civ that they once were.

  4. Give us the Option to equip the old voice actor voice lines in the original Age of Kings campaigns and the Age of Conquerors campaigns.
    —> While it is appreciated that DE re-voiced many all the AoK and AoC campaigns, as well as voice the Forgotten Empires and Rise of the Rajas campaigns that previously had NO voice lines…there are players in the AoE2 community that have nostalgia for the original voice lines for the AoK and AoC campaigns. I humble ask that you include an option feature in the Options tab so that we can toggle on/off the new voice lines and the old voice lines.

  5. Bring back “decaying skeleton” from original Age of Empires 2 (like from AoK and HD)
    —> I am not a fan of the “sinking corpses” that is in AoE2: DE. I would like to see decaying corpses that turn into skeletons be brought into DE, as throughout AoE2’s history, from AoK to HD, it has been a cool, animation feature that simulates corpse decay in a “realistic” manner.

Of course…I do not except some if not all of these change proposals of mine to go into affect. But if any dev is reading this: do please consider implementing some of them!

If you are unsure about whether or not such proposals may or may not be popular (they are my proposals after all) then I would recommend running some polls from the player community itself to see which change proposals are popular or not.


  1. Paper Money doesn’t require gold nor a full pop count to be used to it isn’t really outclassed by scutage.

  2. They can kill infantry just fine (even before the update), and that’s all I expect from them tbh

  3. Tatars are still immensely buffed compared to before November, and bear in mind they are one of the best civs to take advantage of the CA buff.

  4. Fair enough ig

  5. Only reason I care about this is that because of no blood/skeletons people install the crimson blood mod and this mod is so ugly it hurts me on a spiritual level. FE pls save my eyes 11