Request more detailed Random Map filter in future DLC's/Updates/Mods


One aspect that I find vague and a bit to random is the Random Map Choice options that is currently available in the game.
When I setup a battle, I always have a specific image in my head of what I want.
For instance (Dessert civ’s fighting in a dessert biome) or (Euroipean kingdoms fighting in Europe) or (Asian Kingdoms fighting in Asia).

When I select the available choices, I have a 20% chance that I’ll get the map that I require.
What I need, is a Random Map filter that provides you with detailed choices.

For Instance:
1.1. Continental Europe
1.2. Continental Asia
1.3. Continental Yucatan

2.1. Arabia Dessert
2.2. Arabia Grass (Plains)

3.1. Archipelago Europe
3.2. Archipelago Dessert
3.3 Archipelago Asia

4.1. Rivers Europe
4.2. Rivers Asia
4.3. Rivers Dessert
4.4. Rivers Yucatan

5.1. Salt Marsh Yucatan
5.2. Salt Marsh Europe

And so on.
Might something like that be possible?


Hey there

For sure its is possible to create specific maps for regions and continents.
As example in the steam workshop, you are able to access a huge variancy of maps.
The problem is that AOE2 only has a random map generator that generates completly random maps.
So i recommand you as long as you have the AOE2 Steam edition, to check out the workshop.


I know, I already utilize numerous map mods from the workshop, although it would be amazing if this functionality will be integrated into the base game.

Thank you.