Request: option to have all "build" buttons in a single page

Instead of being forced to use the default “build” UI at all times:

Can we have a new setting to have all buttons in a single page, like this?

It’s not just a visual thing, since having all buttons in one page would allow using hotkeys in a whole new way.


This idea is brilliant
This could be the fix for the dock hidden techs in AoE2


Why has nobody thought about this much earlier?!


That would probably be very hard to implement.

I think the number of rows and columns is probably hard coded.
And even it if isn’t it would mean that the icon position of every singe unit, building and technology would have to be updated.

The other reason is probably the gird layout. They want all the hotkeys to be close together.
There is a reason why the UI if many other games like Starcraft 2 happens to be about the same size.

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Only if it’s a setting. I very much like the current GUI

Because it requires moving your hand much further if you have that many keys.

My dream though would be for us to be able to pick how many panels we want and assigned the hotkeys accordingly and have that reflected in the UI. Unfortunately I think that is a very big ask.

AoE4 has 4 panels, with buildings organized by age, AoE2 obviously has it organized by military vs non-military. It would be nice to be able to pick exactly how we want it.

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The main reason I requested this feature was because I had trouble choosing what hotkeys to use when cycling between buildings, and also selecting all of the same type. The issue begun when I realised two buildings may share the same hotkey for their creation (for example, the definitive preset uses W for both mills and archery ranges). I find the QWERTY/definitive preset convenient, the problem is I don’t know what hotkeys to use in a comfortable/easy way while maintaining consistency with the creation hotkeys.

I like to use hotkeys this way:

  • Construct mill: W
  • Cycle between mills: CTRL+W
  • Select all mills: ALT+W

Problem is… to what do I assign archery ranges then? A workaround would be to discard the definitive layout/preset and use a custom one with my own established keys, but that’s not what I want, really, since I love the definitive preset as it’s intuitive.

The way I want it, would of course mean the existence of a toggle within the Interface options panel.

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