(Request) Resource bar

This is my resource bar, i’m using Anne resource bar.
I like the mod alot, specially the idle villager giant red thing.
I would like to change it so villager per resource are on teal or neon colour for easier visibility and resource icon replaced by backround colour

excuse my incompetence in pain and noobness in modding, my result would ideally be something like this

The ideal result would be a solid colout per resource backround and a neon colour per resource =

Excuse my incompetence in these matters but it think that a panel like that would be more efficient

yours truly a pastkid that received orignal aoe2 on his home

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Almost got it , may change some details like font colour or position but i think its usable now

This is the original

Text values

“ChildWidgets”: [
“Widget”: {
“Type”: “Label”,
“Name”: “Workers”,
“ViewPort”: {
“xorigin”: 6, ///
“yorigin”: 44, /// higher N = lower text
“width”: 67,
“height”: 38,
“alignment”: “TopLeft”
“StateMaterials”: {
“StateNormal”: {
“Font”: {
“FontIndex”: 0,
“PointSize”: 40, ///[TEXT SIZE]
“Style”: “Normal”,
“TextColor”: {
“r”: 1, /// rgb changes in % ( 0.5 = 50 % , 1 = 100 %)
“g”: 0.84,
“b”: 0,
“a”: 1

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