REQUEST: Shorter/Smaller Mill for visibility

Hi there! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do this myself, so maybe someone here would be kind enough to try and implement somthing like this. I feel like the mills are too tall and block vision. This is a minor thing obviously, but because I cant see behind the mill very well, my pre-walls or quickwalls around the mill area are a nightmare. Would anyone be willing to make a mod like that? Thank you!

easiest way i think would be to replace all the later age versions with the dark age graphic. That little tent hut thing isn’t very tall at all. I know what you mean. If I figure out how to do it i’ll let u know.

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It ist not quite that easy, as mills are animated and every culture/age has a different number of frames. So just replacing the files might result in the mill temporarily disappearing or jumping to a wrong frame. You need to check the right amount of frames of each mill in the SLX-Studio and then adjust the frames of the dark age mill to that number, there.

Another way would be to change the number of frames of the mills in the game data, but that would disallow you to use it in ranked play.

Good luck!

edit: There is a similar topic, which might be useful to you: Replacing Mill graphics

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thanks for the insight! sounds like too much work considering how minor the inconvenience is