Request: Split up commandpannel.json

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

There are lots of things in commandpannel.json. It seems like this creates conflicts where mods cannot work together.

I want to have installed.

I also want to move the “GroupButtons” somewhere else so I can have a centered minimap.
For example:
mods/details/15706/ + mods/details/3080/
(Sorry, forum limiting me to 2 links)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Install combination of mods above
  2. Mods conflict and cannot be used together.


the way mods work is by replaceing the original files with the modded files.
When you use 2 mods which change the same files, the mod with higher priority will be shown in game.

If you want the functionallity of both mods, then you would need to make your own mod and find a way to merge both mods.

Yep, it is possible. However then I need to manually maintain my custom mod - e.g. keep the civ bonuses up to date.

Imo it would be better to split more files for increased compatibility, if this option is available.

true, but it shouldn’t be to much work, since the main tech tree want change like crazy and then the other mod might just creates the files which you copy paste.