Request: The Conquerors playlist order

Hello. 90% of my time in the original release was with The Conquerors expansion. Most of my nostalgia for the game’s music is based on the Conquerors, and I imagine this is true of many others. Can we please have an option to use the playlist order of the Conquerors, like we can with the AoK playlist? It doesn’t feel right starting a game without this: Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors OST - YouTube

It would also be nice if the original versions of the AoK and AoC songs could be included (and if we could restore the old menu themes!). I like the DE remixes, but it isn’t a truly definitive edition if that part of the game’s heritage is missing.

This would improve the experience a lot for myself and many others. I hope you will consider adding this! Thank you.

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I would go further, I think it should be done for every music set, ie.what music you hear when you select the “immersive” option. So you would be able to select “AoC” AoF" “AK” ect… in the music option menu.