Request to change player 7 color back

please tell me I’m not the only one having trouble with this? this new update changes player 7 color and its impossible to see unit outline behind wall anymore. we shouldn’t be forced to use small wall or small tree if we wish to experience game in it’s original glory, only to have this update ruin it.

behind the wall there are 2-3 rams and I can’t even see where to attack, any other color is fine, just not player 7. @GMEvangelos please take this away and reverse the change, or to a different color.


I like new color but I get your point. Maybe keep black color for minimap and normal view, but the contour line would do it white


the look is nice, just not when its behind building or walls

Made a note for the team to investigate! Thanks for keeping us informed! :slight_smile:


Sure love your guys work! Hope it makes you lots of money so the products keep coming. (This is why I dont mind buying the DLC)

That’s a lot of walls!

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when you playing the MBA mod with MBA AI, those walls only buy 2 mins at most

@thieftdp8498 @GMEvangelos
I have played myself with several player color mods. Currently I am using a custom palette that changes several of the colors. Anyway it very much depends on the architecture style this problem. With darker greys it is usually harder to see behind but it is not the rule. Perhaps the best option is to have (almost) white as an outline behind objects. At the same time the darket the grey is its easier to differenciate player units from other colors. For exmple original grey was pretty hard to tell from cyan.

If I may suggest make the outline (behind objects) as light as possible. Make the unit color and minimap darker. Spring event grey was very good for gameplay (almost black) It would further differenciate from gaya in Battle Royal.

PS. I have found in the files of the game a brown color I think same/similar to AOE1 brown. Perhaps you can use it for the Gaya units on BR, too.