Request to end Time LImit on KotM event


I am requesting that the time limit on the Knights of the Mediterranean event be paused.

I am sure there are other last-minute players as well who are behind due to the 3 missions/day for this event.

Please pause the timer on missions and let us get those rewards!

It would be nice if the limit could be lifted Friday morning.



Agree~ 3 quests per day at the beginning of the event is good, but when the event goes to the tail, such limit is not pleasant

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I say even more: completing 1 challenge per match is boring as well. Specially when you have thirty-freaking-one challenges to do it and you arrive at half of the event.

No one is playing right, just speedrunning vs A.I.

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You can complete tasks often if a few minutes.
Set resources to infinite, AI to easy, do the deed, resign. It’s better for community to engage in normal, ‘legit’ longer games online, but often people don’t have time.

There are always 1001 other games to play, especially for someone that has been playing AoE III for the past 17 years, this ‘legit’ way is not always attractive.

It would be much better if they would just let you do the available daily events concurrently and without specifically needing to start the games from the challenge menu. The way it is now it is detracting from normal multiplayer because people are wasting time grinding against the AI instead of playing against other people. Lots of the challenges can be worked towards in multiplayer, but that’s not an attractive option when the other challenges are gated behind completing the first one.

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Still 31 matches, still 10 days in a row.

Better doing multiple challenges a day when available.