Request to get DM mode added to "Quick Play!"

In Short:
Lobby Deathmatch is not efficient or standardised
Have an unranked option for DM in quickplay
Empire wars is still available in quick play, it could be swapped for DM if coding/servers/stuff I don’t understand is getting in the way.

In Long:
Personally I dislike using the lobby to find games, any games, including DM. Mainly because the settings are not standardised. I’m finding often people are putting treaties in them, or limits on noob/pro, or specific rules about no onagers etc. I find often times I’m kicked for being not good enough or too good. That’s all great for them and I don’t want to take that away, I only want to add the option for people who want the standard settings.

Also I dislike the knowledge gained by being able to see who you’re playing and what civs they’re picking and picking teams once they see the best player join. I know you can ‘hide civs’ as an option but often people don’t.

I infinitely prefer to hit ‘join queue’ knowing that the settings will be the same every time and you just click 1 button instead of having to double check everything and that you’re not going to annoy anyone by breaking their specific rules.

Now Empire Wars still has the option to be played in Quick Play and I would absolutely love for DM to just be moved there. It would provide an easy way for people to play DM and probably provide better metrics for how many people are still wanting to play. I’m not sure what there is to lose by doing but if I’m missing something please let me know.

I am aware they said they would included the ‘ranked lobby’ idea for DM, I think I remember though that the settings can still be set to whatever you want and it doesn’t help the ‘just click join queue and go’ problem for me. But happy to be corrected. Also I don’t it’s actually in the game yet.

Anyway, if you think this would be a good thing or even just a ‘I don’t mind, go for it’ thing could you comment here so I can generate some awareness for this idea.