[Request] Unique South Asian Sails and King graphics for Bengalis, Dravidians, Gurjaras and Hindustanis

I’ve already made a topic on that regard which got closed for some reason. With the soon coming introduction of 3 other South Asian civs, it’s kinda jarring that they don’t have their proper sails and to a lesser degree proper King graphics (is kind of less of an issue because of the fact that most European civs share the same King graphics).

I know religion and culture is complex in the South Asian subcontinent, but this is in my opinion not an excuse to give to the South Asian architecture something which each architecture set got, namely unique ship sails.


An idea would be to use the Peacock feather symbol on the Thirisadai as design and the Far Eastern Junk sails as base.

Does anybody have another, possibly better suggestion?

Can’t we use these sails for all the ships?

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Was my suggestion too basically.

I mean the whole sail not just the logo.

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