Request: Update EW map rotation with RBW5 maps

In my opinion it would be really cool to have some staples of the series on the ladder, such as atacama, land madness, haboob, kawasan and winged.

The current pool (from RBW4) suffers from lacking open aggressive maps, since almost all the maps generally plays out with semi-FC strategies with focus on walling, eco and 1 range units production instead of feudal aggression. The only map that is generally played with aggressive meta is meadow, but even that has fairly good FC potential expecially with saracens. There’s a shortage of hybrid maps aswell since the only two hybrid maps are frigid lake (where water don’t play a huge role) and greenland (which is a pretty annoying map where it takes forever to close games if opponent camps his side). In my opinion this is a bit of a shame since EW game mode plays out very well on cut-throat open aggressive maps and hybrid, so it would be great to have that playstyle a bit more represented.

RBW5 map pool, instead, has way better balance of land aggressive maps (meadow, haboob, land madness, sacred springs), land semi-open/wallable maps (runestones, acclivity, enclosed), aggressive hybrid (atacama, winged), wallable hybrid (frigid lake, wade, kawasan). Maybe adding all these maps it might be doable to start some kind of map rotation system to keep things fresh and make everyone happy.

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Completely agree with ApplaudedPoppy
That issue needs to be adressed :muscle: :+1:

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