[Request] Upgrading converted/gaia units?

Since forever, converted units (or discovered GAIA units) are not upgradable from blacksmith and cie.
In campagns, those units can be weak and aren’t very usefull when used with our units, fully upgraded.

Maybe this is wanted by the devs since AOE1 ?

However, I suggest 3 solutions :

  • Enable upgrade for every unit we got, created, discovered and converted, no tech needed.
  • Get a tech in Monastery to enable upgrades of those units (that cost lot of gold ? :slight_smile: )
  • Do nothing.

Of course, when the game is lasting long, or post-imperial, it’s not very relevant, but otherwise it can be cool to not convert or discover “kamikaze” units that will die fast because they are stuck with 9+1 0/0.

What about you ?

(Sorry for my language mistakes)

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If I remember well this is done in order to avoid stacking upgrades (imagine that you get some FU units while you still lack some techs, you would get even better units after researching the tech) In AoM Gaia/converted units lose all their upgrades and get yours instead, but you would need to rework conversion balance in AoE2 for this system to be implemented


agreed, there are ways and means of getting it done, but probably not high on devs to-do or “care” list

I’m upping this request, maybe others people wanted this this year ?

Maybe a solution could be, you are converting a unit, it takes the armor and attack of the team he is converted (From 0 to +4 for example, or +4 to +2, …)