Requesting a few tweaks to the recorded game experience

It would be nice if there were keyboard shortcuts for controlling the game speed and other things like switching player perspective (recommend something like shift+(1-8) for that maybe?) and for turning fog of war on and off (this used to be alt+F). Ideally these could just be customizable tbh, just recorded-game-only keyboard shortcuts, otherwise the same as any other keyboard shortcut.

Also, if we could have an option to go forward FASTER, that would be nice. The fastest option right now is not really fast enough, it would be nice to have an extreme version that allows you to get to the late game in a matter of <30 seconds if that’s what you want to watch.

Lastly, it would be ideal if there were a rewind feature. That may be hard to program, idk, but if we could skip backwards to rewatch certain segments that would just be so great.

Somewhat related but not strictly, I would also really appreciate if the player profiles on the ranking board linked more than the last 10 matches. It’s also kind of limited and hard to filter by map. Back on voobly you could watch the past 3 months’ worth of a player’s matches, which was awesome and incredibly useful for learning. It would be nice to improve that feature a little bit!

Amazing work on this game, it has truly been born again thanks to your dedication.

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Fortunately the ranking board issue can be remedied rn. This site is pretty useful to get recorded games, and it has a bunch of other features as well.

Oh wow, nice site! This is definitely in the right direction. I think the “perfect solution” might have a quicker and more compact interface, but this is great anyway. Thank you for the link!

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