Requesting a Refund

I purchased AOE DE from the Microsoft marketplace seven days ago On 04 March 2020! My understanding was, I would be able to play on either my PC or Xbox, unfortunately this is not possible, I have in the meantime been playing the game on my PC as well as trying to work out why I am unable to play it with my friends on my Xbox.

I have an extensive library of games on my PC all of which are purchased through steam, this also includes Microsoft titles. As I am unable to play om my Xbox I attempted to add the game to my steam library, this is also not possible, in order to add this game to my steam account I need a product key, I was not given a product key so I contacted Microsoft customer services to request a product key, I was on the phone for over an hour, I was passed through four representatives the last of whom hung up on me.

As I am unable to play on my Xbox and also unable to play through my steam account I requested a refund of this title within the cool off period, I have however have been refused a refund twice, because I have played the game!!

Hi @JK247G, I can understand your frustration. Xbox is Microsoft’s gaming service on a wide range of devices, not just console, which can be confusing because the service has the same name as the console. Not all games in the Microsoft Store are available on all devices either. There currently aren’t any plans to bring Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition to console. Have you tried contacting Microsoft Store support over the phone to explain your situation? You may be able to receive a refund from speaking with a person.

Thanks, yes I have contacted support twice, they simply refuse to consider a refund, I did explain fully my reasons for my request, still no, I also explained that I would absolutely be buying the game on steam, I have been playing AOE since 1987, so I guess that makes me a loyal supporter, I should rephrase… FORMER loyal customer, I absolutely will not be handing any more cash over to Microsoft, either on PC or Xbox!!

Keep an eye out on social media for giveaways from the community team. They regularly have giveaways on their Mixer stream too, which is happening at this moment.

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Also I do understand your frustration but it always was clear that this game would not be made available to play on Xbox console and the Xbox Game Pass for PC is totally different product or better to say addition to Xbox Game Pass for console owners which now has been branded to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (afaik). As you bought the game at MS Store you probably also had a discount as owner of the Xbox Game Pass. And you also used the product through MS store, also you can play with friends on Steam (although I understand it’s easier to share the same platform with your friends on Steam). They could have informed you better, but that’s also up to you to gather the available info of course.

For that reason some loyal supporters of this game just bought this game both on MS Store and Steam. The price is a bargain and buying again on Steam will give you discounts for other DE versions too.