Requesting Next Big QOL Change: Animation and action sync for melee units

Currently, melee unit attacks are not synchronized with their damage registering in the game. The most common ones are scout cavalry, spearman and eagle attack animations. Its also the case with miners/lumberjacks showing gathering animation but not increasing the gathered resource by a whole number amount.

With this change, we would see that units with higher attack speed (and villagers with higher gather rate) actually have a higher frequency of their action animation: Japanese infantry, stirrup cavalry, celt choppers, turk miners. This is already implemented for ranged unit attacks as we can see the attacks happen more frequently after thumb ring and for Eth/Mongol units as well as in multiple tech mods.

Please make it happen for melee units as well if it can be done without altering any other aspects of the game.


Yes! No idea why this hasn’t been done already.