Requests before the Active Multiplayer Community is completely dead!

We have been asking some basic updates which seems to have been forgotten so I will request the developers again to give this legendary game some thoughts before the few hundred active players are also gone. Please fix the common issues we face.

  1. Introduction of Flare system, just like the one we have in aoe2 de.
  2. Fixing the Elo lobbies like the same we have in aoe2. Aoe2 has 20k average players and they just have ELO for 1v1 and Team game for Random Map & Death Match but in AOE1 DE we have ELO for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4. FFA - Dont you guy think that this is too much for a game which averages 800 players? Please have some common sense. As you can check with the data that nobody uses the matchmaking system so please let us have the ability to change Ranked and Unranked games directly inside the hosted room rather than selecting and hosting it from outside because this will save us time to cancel and rehosting the games all the time.
  3. Introduction of few new maps (just take few from aoe2 de and put them in aoe1 de) and removal of Small Islands - This map makes no sense in multiplayer.
  4. Finally, since there is no more content upgrade to aoe2, maybe think about adding an expansion to AOE1 de with 4 newer civics, map and some new units? This will add life to the game & put a price for the expansion - we will buy it.

Also fix the multiplayer servers, they show no games and we must host at US East or else people cannot see games. Please help the community!


wait … thanks for all !


What MS is doing with DE 1 is called a fraud. They used this game as a test rabbit for DE 2 and now when DE 2 is working proprly they want to kill DE1 multiplayer so they can fokus the servers only on DE 2 . Is not that only DE 1 havent got any new useful updates since the steam release MS with the last ‘’ server maintenance’’ killed the lobby sistem and now players cant see the game rooms hosted and join to play. This is going for 20 days now and its clearly that MS is doing this on purpose and dont want to fix this problem. This is a fraud and its outrageous how MS treats his customers


zeda0 is right !! ELO, maps, civ
and also fix mutiplayer server, game disappear after 1 min so noone can join …
a proper spec mode like aoe 2 would be nice but i have no hope


I totally agree to the points mentioned above!
Right now we are doing a 3v3 tournament (check: and the bugged multiplayer servers cause 20 minutes delays in between games. This can’t be - it’s destroying our small community!

It needs to be fixed asap or everyone left will be gone to aoe2 as well.


am just gonna say, we need some respect, this is unacceptable. I hope you can pay us attention and fix it asap.


I believe they coded it in a way where 10 map types is the max amount, but i totally agree, they can replace small islands with another map.

They totally need to fix these servers, its a horrible time trying to find a lobby. While they are doing it, they should also make so you can see games going on.

Why removed map Small Islands you can’t play right?

Cry like baby this world has many small island, surivial and play for it whinny

Fix the performance too please devs !


There is 2 Island maps, better to have a new more interesting map and just one Island style map.

Buff the low tier civs.


you are absolutely correct, there is already a large island map and the there is not much of a difference. There is no need for small island.

Nice suggestions in the parent post. If Microsoft wants the multiplayer community to not die, it needs to start hosting events like it does for Age 2: DE, and it should also update more frequently. For one thing, there are many bugs that need fixing.