Requests for Arabia as well as Runestones changes as well as for other maps

Mine are as such:


  1. Remove claustrophobicaly close hills.

  2. Increase density of woodlines outside of the base area.

  3. Cluster hills near the center of the map and the edges with the corners of the map mostly being flatlands but with hills on the edges still.

  4. Non-base woodlines should be clustered around the center, edges and corners of the map (mostly near center)

The hills are uncomfortably close and make it hard to build a base-proper.

It’s fine if the woodlines near the base end up being small density-wise, but it should be rewarded for lumbering upon woodlines outside of the base with increased density.

Woodlines can be scarce, but make them dense.


  1. Bring the outer stone closer, sometimes it’s hard to find.

  2. Bring back the trees to their previous density and position for easier walling to differentiate it enough from arabia to bring it success as a similar yet different map for many play-styles.

  3. The outer extra stone piles would be well to be added to the center area regularly similar to the center relic to add more reward for controlling the center.

  4. Similar to how the extra stones place towards the middle and similar to how the 3 tree-lines originally surrounded the town center, have similar such treelines surround the stones and relic area at the center.


  1. Change out the sand in the middle dried up river for something boats can’t drift over at will, please, this has always irked me.


  1. Close off the land-road with a cliff from the main land area - as of current it gives too much of an advantage to those who spawn on the larger land-mass in the north as well as the pocket to the east/left corner since they’re naturally connected by the land crossing where as in HD it was blocked off. Also the left corner and the northern area should be fully blocked from eachother by trees until cut.

Mega Random:

Standardize the start - 1 tc, 3 villagers + civ bonuses and one normal scout/eagle warrior depending on civ. The rest of the map and gatherable resources can be as random as ever, but it should standardized in the terms of what you actually start with, especially for ranked.

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Lol, developers killed Runestones, they turned into a version of KOTD Arabia. In fact it has smaller woodlines than KOTD Arabia.
As I said many times before, we need More Trees and Less Woodlines.


That or just replace it with Lombardia. Runestones in its current form is a palette swap of Arabia, the most boring generic map in the game

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I hate cows though, so by extension not a great Lombardia fan. I also don’t like the biome type. Let Lombardia stay as it’s own map, and fix Arabia.


Added a 4th request for runestones.

Added Valley and Italy.

Added mega random

At this point I believe arabia isn’t arabia in its map sense, and rather an arabia in its concept sense- the name arabia is used, but the map might take any shape or form in order to spice up the meta, yet remain as the most commonly played map.

Next patch arabia might be a hybrid map, with snowy terrain, then a black forest for a while, then maybe some migration-style nomadic megarandom.

The devs have showed that their goal isn’t to make the most balanced and fair open land map, but to change it for better or worse every few months with design approaches that have nothing to do with what we have requested.

Honestly, if I was to make arabia, remove the trillion hills around your tc, bring back the hills, put neutral deer/zebras as extra resources like the gold and the stone.

Not even for balance, just because it gets boring to look at the exact same thing every time, day after day. Some color wouldn’t hurt.


Think about the fact that the hills are as they are by intention. They are there explicitly to stop you blanketing your base with arrow fire, so you can insta 3TC without thinking and just boom defensively until Imp or maybe post-Imp trash era.

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