Research % does not reflect properly in end game stats

I was playing a match and noticed the end game stats for technology and theres a research% field. I researched everything in the game (minus docks since there was no water to build one) and still only hit 45%. My only guess would be that this number is including all technology from all factions. No other way it could be so low with everything researched. I do believe this should be the % of your factions tech researched as there is no way to research other faction tech.

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Noticed this as well and it is rather annoying indeed.

EDIT: also, since it pertains to end results screen, I’ve noticed that the economy (i think it was economy) tab shows food/min and wood/min, but not the other 2 i think the lateral scrolling cuts off.

Thank you @O07Craft and @BIGMAC8D! I’ll make sure the team checks this out. Appreciate it!