Research tech on movable units

Hey guys, does anybody know of a way to be able to research tech on a moving unit?
I would it would be ideal if i could research tech with a trebuchet type of unit. (Packing and unpacking unit type)
This way i can have a cart that unpacks into a army tent that i can research tech inside of, and then pack it back up into the cart for transportation.

Genie editor or scenario editor? Either way, just change the research location to the unit you want to train it at.

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I tried both genie editor, as well as triggers, but it wouldnt ever work on a unit that was not considered a “Building” type, and a “Building” class.

You can have it transform into a unit that can research by using the Ratha transformation function, but then your transformation unit can only have the research interface and can’t re-pack.

I have tested this extensively and concluded that it is currently not feasible for various reason (doable, but game requires change).

  1. you can use switch button just like you said, and then use task swap group to switch back by attacking enemy/tree target, buggy but still works.

  2. this particular unit needs to be a specific class otherwise when multiple of this “movable unit” are in selection and moving, the queued up units will be cancelled

  3. this last one kills the feasibility altogether, the training thing is based on UI. so even if you get 1 and 2 down, after switching mode (in order to preserve formation UI) all the queued up units disappear soon as one unit is trained and you lose all the resources equivalent to amount of units queued up.

perhaps they can allow UI customization that would solve this issue but until then its what it is.