Researching Vineyards Early

Rather than wait until you have like 10k food. Would you be just better off buying it early at the bare minimum price. At near the moment you castle goes up. Let’s say have 400ish or more food and at least 300 gold. Think about it as owning a lesser relic early, a good long term investment rather than spending thousands of food later on. And if you manage to get your hands on a few relics it becomes even better.

Do you think it’s a better idea not to waste so much food?

Viper said the same in their recent “bungurdians are…” video

The change to the tech is definitely aimed at that. Since only half the food is converted it removes those huge late-game swings that you could get with a strong enough eco, and the stronger gold generation is a big incentive to get it earlier.

One thing I’ve done is queue a whole bunch of Villagers while researching it. That way you don’t lose as much Food from it.


Cheeky exploiter :stuck_out_tongue:
But nice they adressed that. Nevertheless seems burgs are now one of the best team games civs. And I’m not surprised by that, as they are basically designed to be the ideal pocket, all their powerspikes, bonusses and even Flemish Revolution are way more useful in Teamgames than in 1v1.